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Titus Lu

Licensee Salesperson

Titus is an experienced business professional with a wealth of knowledge encompassing accounting, sales, and financial analysis. He was admitted to the prestigious CPA Australia as an accounting member between 2009 and 2012 after his degree in accountancy at Massey Univeristy. 

Upon graduation Titus worked for an education consultancy in Auckland before heading to Athens, Greece to serve as a consultant for an American college. There he competed in a very aggressive environment where he learned advanced techniques for succeeding in a market dominated by larger firms.

To this day he loves accounting and managing with numbers. He is often seen delivering reports of annual yields, cash-flow analysis, and risk management on client property investments. His strong accounting background insures his clients get better service and can make sound decisions.

"I love working in real estate to see results that put a smile on people's face and the success that we enjoy after securing your dream home or nailing that great investment property. I stay addicted to accounting, and financial reports from publicly traded companies are still one of my favourite bedtime readings," he said.

Titus first came to New Zealand as an overseas student. He attended Christchurch Boys' High School in the mid-1990s. This is one of his most treasured experiences, not the least of which was learning to eat Marmite - a skill he admits he is still working on.

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